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One Easy Step To Avoid Bringing Poison Into Your Home

Our Reallity

It’s true.  Our homes and bodies are continuously under attack from toxic products that are pouring out of large corporate factories at unprecedented rates.  This is the largest consumer population in history and our corporate giants are more than willing to satisfy that demand at all costs (to the consumer).    The health care system and mortuaries are busier than ever as our population is being killed off by the cancerous products that we are paying our hard earned money to bring into our homes.

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Becoming a Patient Advocate For Your Aging Parent

Becoming a Patient Advocate also means Health Empowerment

Have you every noticed that we tend to ask a lot of questions when a car dealer tells us that our car has a leak and what needs to be fixed. Many times we will take it to an independent service station for a second opinion, especially because of the cost being higher at the dealership. But when it comes to our aging parents health we do not question the doctor’s diagnosis because of their education or length of practice. According to a 2013 Johns Hopkins investigation, some 80,000 to 160,000 patients suffer permanent injuries every year due to diagnostic error.

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Healthy Chicas - Keep Active by Dancing

Ask The Latina host interviews Maria Del Real about how to keep active in order to maintain a stable weight. Maria Del Real brings not only Mexican Folk Dance to Latina youth but to all ages, Traveling throughout the USA teaching a fun way to stay active and in tune with the Mexican heritage.

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